Astronomers Discover Planet That Looks Like a Rugby Ball

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Just like Earth, most planets we all know of are formed like orbs, besides Jupiter, which has a number of rings round it. Still, Jupiter too seems like a globe. But do all planets, together with these exterior our photo voltaic system, have a spherical form? The reply isn’t any, as per a brand new analysis paper., which says it’s rightly potential that some planets may seem like a potato. Researchers have found a planet, named WASP-103b, some 1,500 light-years away from Earth, which they are saying is formed extra like a potato or a rugby ball.

But why is it formed this bizarre? Astronomers say WASP-103b is situated round an F-type star, bigger and extra large than our Sun. The planet too is giant — about one-and-a-half occasions the dimensions of Jupiter. However, the planet’s comparatively shut proximity to its dwelling star is chargeable for its uncommon form.

Published within the Astronomy and Astrophysics journal, the research mentioned WASP-103b is just 20,000 miles away from its dwelling star and this might trigger tidal stresses to tug it into an unlikely form. In comparability, the gap between Earth and its dwelling star Sun is about 93 million miles.

The Earth takes a 12 months to orbit the Sun and different planets within the Solar System, too, take at the least a number of months or a number of years to finish one revolution of the Sun. However, there are some exoplanets, referred to as “hot jupiters,” which orbit their dwelling stars in a matter of days and hours. The orbital interval of WASP-103b is simply 22 hours.

“It’s incredible that Cheops was actually able to reveal this tiny deformation,” Jacques Laskar, a co-author of the analysis, mentioned in a statement.

The researchers used ESA’s CHEOPS satellite tv for pc and relied on information from NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer area telescopes to achieve the conclusion about WASP-103b’s rugby ball form.

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