NASA’s Sleeping Bag May Prevent Astronauts’ Eyeballs From Getting Warped

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Astronauts who journey into orbit and put up with prolonged stays on the International Space Station (ISS) usually face imaginative and prescient issues. This has been linked to the micro gravitational atmosphere in spacecraft, which results in swelling within the mind and optic nerves. The situation, often called spaceflight-associated Neuro-Ocular Syndrome,or SANS, could have an answer now. Researchers have give you a sleeping bag which might regulate physique fluids to stop their accumulation within the mind throughout house missions.

Gravitational pull helps regulate how our physique fluids perform on Earth. The lack of gravity in house impacts the traditional fluid motion and causes the fluids to drift up into the pinnacle. This motion places stress on eyeballs and flattens them. The optic nerve swells on account of this.

NASA is making an attempt to handle numerous astronaut well being dangers, together with SANS. Benjamin Levine, a University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center heart specialist working with NASA said, “This is perhaps one of the most mission-critical medical issues that have been discovered in the last decade for the space programme.”

Levine led a examine published within the JAMA Ophthalmology journal. The examine explored the probabilities of a high-tech sleeping bag which may stop SANS. The experiment included a specialised sack-like construction which might be connected to an individual from the waist down. This futuristic sleeping bag would act as a suction bag, functioning with a method referred to as “lower body negative pressure.” This would stop physique fluids from floating up and accumulating in direction of the area across the mind and the eyes.

The experiments with this sleeping bag included 10 topics — 5 male and 5 feminine — who would get into mattress and lie flat for 3 days at a stretch on Earth. After three days, researchers observed a change within the form of eyeballs. This occurred as a result of the themes weren’t allowed to face, which relieves stress from the mind.

Then, they tried the sleeping bag on the topic. Researchers discovered that simply eight hours within the sleeping bag every night time prevented the change in eyeball form.

Most issues related to SANS get resolved after astronauts come again to Earth after a number of months’ keep on the ISS. However, the issue can be persistent if astronauts needed to make a two-year journey to Mars. Hence, fixing the SANS drawback is necessary to allow longer house journey for astronauts.

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