21 Sep, 2023
3 mins read

How to Make Sure Important Emails Don’t End Up in Spam

The fight against spam never seems to end. Spammers constantly change their tactics to get noticed, and email services and their users constantly try to stem the incoming deluge. Spam filters help, but manual ones can catch false positives, and automatic filters don’t always get it right. That means you can end up with junk […]

2 mins read

How to Start a WhatsApp Chat With an Unknown Number Without Leaving the App

WhatsApp recently rolled out a feature that will ease the process of starting a chat with other users, even when their number is not saved as a contact. The new functionality, available on both iOS and Android smartphones, will allow you to initiate a conversation with a stranger simply by entering their phone number in […]

2 mins read

Go Install Diablo IV on Your Steam Deck Right Now

First things first, turn on your Steam Deck, press the Steam button, and scroll down to Power, press A, and then select Switch to Desktop. From here, click on the little blue shopping bag icon on your taskbar. This will open the Discover menu, which is where you’ll find shortcuts to installers for all kinds […]

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